Existential Geese

Lately the Geese have been feeling very depressed by the thought that life has no meaning and that everything is absurd. Because of this, the Geese have really been getting it on and now there are hundreds of baby geese.  Aside from having babies, the Geese have begun even more irresponsible behavior.  Some have taken up Russian roulette or writing bad haikus or sky diving or eating undercooked meat.  A few Geese can be seen running blindly across major highways, their babies running behind them. Of course no one wants to run over sixteen baby Geese but they do honk the horn loudly and say fuck these Geese and generally wish the Geese ill but at the end of the day the Geese are already depressed and now they have all these babies to take care of and once that sinks in all the drivers kind of chuckle to themselves and the forget about it and turn up the radio. 


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